Covenant Motorcycle Ministry

Bikers with a Mission

Covenant Motorcycle Ministry is an international, spirit-filled, Christian ministry started in 1999. We are accepting of all Christian denominations. We are a strong brotherhood and sisterhood; fellowship of men and women who love Jesus and ride motorcycles. We love to share the roads with our brothers and sisters of other motorcycle ministries and motorcycle clubs, enjoying the bonds built and maintained on the highways. We minister to people from all walks of life through both words and actions, seeking that we can all be One in the Son.

About Us

Covenant Motorcycle Ministries is unique and not right for everyone. However there are levels of membership and commitment that will fit most people.
  1. Affiliates have the least commitment and responsibility, but they may be offered a Fellowship Support membership promotion.
  2. "Prospect" for and earn the right to wear a Full or three piece Full patch. Prospecting is when we get to really know you and you get to know this ministry and what it is about. Prospecting to be a Full Patch member isn’t easy and isn’t taken lightly;
  3. Full and 3 piece patch members covenant for life. Men and Women are full patch holders; however the woman’s back patch is 3 pieces combined into 1, while men’s is actually 3 separate pieces. We serve Jesus Christ and as a group of ministers of the Gospel, we hope to reflect well on our Savior in all our behaviors.
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Our Colors

Covenant means contract. God established an eternal covenant in the blood of His Son for all who receive Jesus as their personal Savior. We stand in the blood covenant with God and, as a result, we stand in covenant with each other.

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Having received Jesus Christ as my Savior, and desiring to become a full member of Covenant Motorcycle Ministry, I solemnly enter into covenant with my Covenant Motorcycle Ministry brothers and sisters and commit as a Christian to:

  • Place God Almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit first in all aspects of my life and to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in everything.
  • Believe, abide by and be obedient to the Word of God in its entirety, without question, doubt or compromise.
  • Become fully trained, striving to be perfect as the Father, and led by the Holy Spirit.